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PRO service

A holistic approach to the supply chain using our PRO service creates added value for partners and helps you to achieve cost leadership. This goal is only achieved if your products are created where the delivery of necessary steps makes the most economic sense.

EBBINGHAUS has the experience of almost 100 years – we provide so much more than “just” surfaces.

You benefit from our delivery flows of the widest range of parts producers which are bundled in our OEM on-site factories and can flow directly to your clients.

Creative ideas for “impossible” tasks are our speciality and often we manage to surprise you with our in-depth know-how of reliable masking of cavities, blind holds and through bores.

Outsourcing of work steps

Additional added value for all coating processes:

  • Labels, labelling and signing of coated surfaces
  • Application of prints, numbering and brand logos
  • Pressing in nuts, bolts, springs, bearings etc.
  • Assembly of individually supplied components before or after coating
  • Check of fit accuracy of painted surfaces
  • Seam sealing, adhesive or PVC application, partially or extensively
  • Pressure tightness check
  • Any other tasks – please contact us

We are happy to inform you about further details of our services. We are looking forward to receiving your enquiry.