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Mobile coating plant

The mobile coating plant has been designed to perform practical coating at the client’s site. The long material flow between client and pre-treatment company or paint supplier is eliminated and tests can thus be carried out promptly within the client’s factory. The plant has been designed to enable an as wide as possible range of surface treatments to be carried out. The use is not limited to electrophoretic paint, but can also be extended in depth to electroplating or for testing of new surfaces and this is exactly where we see scope for the future!

It is possible to document all process steps thanks to the very comprehensive visualisation of the plant. The control allows the execution of up to 99 self-programmed routines whilst the logical process and operational safety are always guaranteed. Furthermore, the mobile coating plant is not just a word but much more. The plant can be used on the client’s site within 4 hours and is able to then paint the first test series, e.g. when using CDP plant with a standard pre-treatment and CDP paint. Dismantling the plant can be done in 3 hours, which makes a changeover between multiple locations easy.

The use of our own power supply enables us to set up and operate the plant anywhere. The mobile coating plant is suited for coating of all iron and non-ferrous metals which are treated using the immersion method. By designing the basins in plastic, even aggressive media such as acids or alkaline solutions are no problem. The use of injector nozzles always ensures optimal circulation within the basins. The plant can carry out any type of pre-immersion treatment, specifically the new degreasing and phosphate products can be tested.

The rectifier of the system is dimensioned in such a way that both electrophoretic paints as well as electroplated surfaces can be applied. Thanks to peak performances of 20 ampere at 400 volts, the plant can coat workpieces, which are larger than the test sheets, in production conditions. The plant includes multiple laboratory furnaces which can dry or bake even large, heavy workpieces thanks to its generous design and performance. The furnace can hold 2 painting frames. Even series production is possible, since a cycle time of 6 minutes can produce up to 10 frames per hour. Each frame can carry 150 kg, which means that 1.5 tons of parts can be coated per hour. The maximum parts dimension can be up to 950 mm long, 450 mm wide and 650 mm high.

Immersion coating, always and everywhere!

On site – not just for sampling, series or parts which are hard to move. When you must work fast and the travel to the contract coating company is just too long – there are many reasons to use a mobile coating plant.

Versatile – today still a CDP system, tomorrow already a small galvanizing plant and next week immersion priming – as flexible as the clients we work with.

Independent – on duty. We ensure a smooth coating process wherever you require the plant thanks to our own power supply and sufficient storage capacities for rinsing media.

Affordable – whether used for just one day or for a whole week. You determine how long you need our services at your site. Our staff assists you and looks after the coating process.

Trade show ready – the mobile coating plant at Solingen Messe. Up close to immersion coating for the presentation of immersion paints or to explain the processes. We coat with your paint metal merchandise right in front of the visitors at the trade show.

Privacy and theft protection – the mobile coating plant in your factory. Only you can see what is coated. There is no risk of parts “being lost” or that the competition gets a clue. Simply coat on site: for corrosion protection of weaponry or for clear paint coating of costume jewellery to prevent allergies.