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Central IT: The key for transparent communication

Only once all data comes together without loss of information is it possible to have efficient communication. We offer the integration to a modern management system with own platforms and the integration of established standards and communication channels. Ongoing information which is to be distributed over the internet creates transparency and defines common standards. Our nearby subsidiaries accelerate information and material flow, bundle quantities and needs from a cost optimisation point of view. The manufacturing plants are linked with the material and information flows by the branches. This implements a requirement model tailored to the client needs.

In-house, we use a specifically created surface solution based on Microsoft Dynamics and have fully integrated this into our internet portal. Database linkage and transaction server create online communication with client and supplier areas. In our system integration, we have placed great emphasis on automated processes which provides both parties maximum benefit during daily operation. Register and try our portal; it is worth the effort!

Integration from the remote data standard:

  • DIN 4994 Delivery note print-out
  • VDA 4902 Barcode-enabled goods labels
  • VDA 4904 Call-off print-out
  • VDA 4905 Remote data transmission of delivery notes
  • VDA 4906 Remote data transmission of invoices
  • VDA 4907 Remote data transmission of remittance advice
  • VDA 4908 Remote data transmission of credit notes
  • VDA 4912 Remote data transmission shipping documents
  • VDA 4913 Remote data transmission of delivery notes and transport data
  • VDA 4915 Remote data transmission of detailed call-offs
  • VDA 4916 Remote data transmission of production-synchronous call-offs
  • VDA 4918 Remote data transmission of car and transport data
  • VDA 4920 Remote data transmission of freight forwarder job data
  • VDA 4921 Remote data transmission of delivery data
  • VDA 4922 Print-out freight forwarder order
  • VDA 4927 Remote data transmission of load carrier data


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