Processes » Paint stripping

Chemical paint stripping

For chemical paint stripping, the paint is removed with CFC and CHC free paint strippers using immersion bath method. After dipping, possible remaining paint residues are removed and the part is supplied to further coating. The resting time in the paint stripping immersion bath is between 3 and 12 hours. The chemical paint stripping is specifically suited for thin wall and sensitive materials and is used in our processes also for the gentle cleaning of our frames.

We offer paint stripping not as a single service, since we always combine this work step with the subsequent CDP painting. Then, the part can also be coated with powder or wet paint.

New in our range, is the soft paint stripping for die-cast zinc and aluminium parts that are not exposed to aggressive chemicals. The process tested in our technology hub ensures the integrity of the base substrate and creates a surface that can be painted again once the original paint was stripped.