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Blasting of cast and steel parts

Cast parts often still have moulding sand residues and residues, such as mill scale often remains on steel workpieces, laser edges (oxide film) or vitrification and smoke residue in welded areas on part’s surfaces which makes it impossible to achieve high-quality coating results and paint adhesion properties. Furthermore, steel as a raw material is not corrosion-resistant, tends to quickly form a rust film or corrodes if stored for too long unless no temporary corrosion protection has been undertaken.

These residues must be removed in most cases before painting to achieve the high-quality requirements in corrosion resistance or paint adhesion properties.

For this purpose, we have blasting plants which allow maximum flexibility regarding the different part geometries.  The chamber blasting machine with rotary module allows the blasting of parts with undercuts which are sophisticated in their design but also suited for parts with larger widths. Tempered steel grain is used for blasting, which allows optimal results regarding the removability of residues but also allows optimal results for the preservation of the original material contour and characteristics of the material.