We support our clients in the creation of special products which enrich the form and function for daily use and it is our vision to maintain these for the long-term. Our advice for the selection of the right processes is always provided in consideration of economic and environmental aspects.

We ask our suppliers to always provide the best for our clients. We promote and develop relationships with our service providers and suppliers with the goal to work together for the long-term. The most important criteria are quality, reliability with regards to delivery times and service – and of course pricing. We expect from our partners open communication and constant development to get as close as possible to zero-error production. Furthermore, we aim for continuous process optimisation to avoid inspection processes both with our suppliers as well as here in-house.

We use state-of-the-art EDI standards for communication and support our clients and suppliers, who do not have such options, with our internet portal. Selling and buying at the relevant location is decentralised; order processing as well as procurement is coordinated centrally via the internet. Register with us and send us your enquiry or your offer, we are looking forward to being in touch.


We would like to briefly present our strategic partnerships:

BABTEC CAQ is the software solution for integrated product and process optimisation. We analyse our processes, monitor our products, evaluate surfaces of client parts and optimise our company using a consistent and continuous improvement process. We inform our partners via portal solutions, communicate online and exchange quality data.

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All coating plants for affiliated companies were realised by EISENMANN in the recent decades. In our work projects and operator models, we plan and design the required factories with our clients and realise them as required. Constant innovation creates durable factories for dynamic clients and ensure the highest quality standard. The integrated treatment plants are designed for consistently careful use of resources and prevent environmental impact. Energy saving concepts safeguard the environment, save costs and help to create affordable surfaces in high-price countries.

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Daimler AG is one of the most successful automotive companies in the word.  In Hagenbach, we operate a coating plant for the largest commercial vehicle factory in the world and today we supply more than 2000 parts for daily production to Wörth. Comprehensive digital networking safeguards constant supply capability and short notice production at the truck factory. DAIMLER uses our knowledge in the most diverse projects around such factory concepts. Therefore, we have also been able to participate in the planning of coating plants and painting frames for other locations.

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In 1999, Greenkote was founded as developer for galvanizing processes in Barkan near Tel Aviv to research and develop diffusion coating technologies. Today, they work in Israel and additional subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, USA and Mexico. The most well-known clients include HP, Motorola, VW, Audi and General Motors. Smaller parts and screws are coated e.g. also for Motorola, Sony and Sharp. Coatings by Greenkote can also be found e.g. in the new Wembley Stadium Bridge and Terminal 5 at London Heathrow airport. We use this process in Graz and hold the exclusive license in Austria and are system partner in Germany.

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Our cleaning and phosphating processes are carried out with Henkel products and are a fundamental building block in ecological chemicals management. Expertise in process security and environmental compatibility creates durable, sustainable and compatible coating processes as well as the prerequisite to achieve paintable surfaces in our plants. Continuous advancements keep improving the cleaning result without corroding client parts. Necessary staining processes are carried out gently and are only used to achieve the optimum coating result. The used paint stripping products only remove applied paints and prepare thus for a new coat.

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Magna is the most diversified automotive supplier in the world. We support Magna with factory projects in Graz and Hagenbach. In Graz, we coat more than 5,000 parts for the Mercedes G class and in Hagenbach, we paint parts for seat production. As system partner for surfaces, we use our broad specialist knowledge to advise our clients and test coating solutions for new assignments in our technology hub early on.

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Together with our project partner Markmann + Müller GmbH, we have developed the sector software “Contract Finishing” – with and for MICROSOFT DYNAMICS. For the first time, a leading ERP system was specifically adapted to the fast processes of a contract coating company in the automotive industry. This includes the full integration of EDI and VDA standards as well as the production relevant data collection and reporting systems.

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PPG is the internationally leading car paint supplier. Our coating systems in the CDP plants are only filled with PPG products and prove daily their outstanding qualitative benefits. Topcoats and powder systems optimise corrosion properties and allow for an infinite variety of colours.

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