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OFTEC – Surface technology at the highest level

The aim of our planning was to create an efficient and transparent factory. This can only be achieved by using all modern production aids such as automated transport vehicles in production. The following implementation required consistent planning of all ergonomic and physiological aids already during the design phase, such as work islands for the parts which are suspended and packed after manual work. CDP coating, a cathodic dip coating line of state-of-the-art design, is the central feature of our company.

Designed as a large-scale series plant, it offers cost-efficient pricing in an eco-friendly painting process which meets the highest requirements for surface protection. Per working day, more than 100,000 parts are processed here in consistent quality. The article spectrum ranges from screw size to forge or cast parts right up to large-scale parts of fender size, which are run through the coating process in goods carriers (approx. dimensions 2700 x 1600 x 1400 mm and a weight of up to 1,800 kg).

Environmental protection is a top priority in all our activities. This is shown by the various measures of which we only mention a few in this context: Furnace exhaust air must be cleaned before it gets out into the open via the roof. For this purpose, a so-called thermal post-combustion system is used in which the harmful substances which are included in the furnace exhaust air are burned at approx. 730 °C. The heat generated is recovered by a heat exchanger, the clean air is released into the open air at approx. 130 °C (approx. 50 – 70 °C below the furnace temperature). The recovered hot water heats the pre-treatment. The waste water treatment is state-of-the-art whilst the cascading achieves broad waste water reduction in the rinsing areas such as chemical recovery into the active zones. Relevant measures prevent oils and solids from the chemical baths of the pre-treatment to not even reach the waste water treatment – in parts, they are reintroduced to the industrial process as a raw material (e.g. zinc phosphate slurry).