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Ebbinghaus Styria Coating GmbH

Founded as a factory project and specialising in coating of highly decorative metal part surfaces, EBBINGHAUS STYRIA COATING GmbH supplies a function primer and the subsequent structure for all Mercedes G-model in civil and military design. A part and colour variety of more than 5000 different items and colour combinations turn the factory into a “surface manufactory“, which can map even the most diverse logistical requirements.

Currently, item dimensions from the smallest parts up to automotive vehicle side parts are coated in this process. The optional combination with galvanizing in thermal diffusion process offers high corrosion resistant structure systems and creates a unique contract coating offer for clients in Styria today.

In the meantime, over 30% of the capacity of the factory is used by local suppliers and a continuous expansion of our production capacity ensures constant readiness when short-term deadlines are required in the best quality.