Ebbinghaus Styria Coating

Ebbinghaus Styria Coating GmbH

The Ebbinghaus Styria Coating factory, which is in the border triangle of Austria-Hungary-Slovenia, offers both CDP coating as well as powder coating and wet painting. Like in other factories of EBBINGHAUS GROUP, the emphasis is placed on manufacturing expertise beyond the features of low wage countries. The proximity to our clients and the new, holistic logistics concept supports our offering to supply cost-effective, state-of-the-art multi-layer surfaces. The most recent offering is blasting work with ceramic blast materials.

In an area of 6,000 m², coatings and logistics services such as order picking and special packaging are carried out.  State-of-the-art IT systems communicate with our clients using EDI and allow fast and exact data transfer to map tasks around transport, labelling and storage.