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Ebbinghaus Verbund

Jobcoating is our profession

Jobcoating is our profession

Services for your surfaces. Bundling our energies to serve the customer. Achieving maximum economy through the use of modern means of information and production, continuous improvement of processes and workplaces designed for maximum output with a view to securing your and our futures is our main priority. By bringing together innovation, experience and efficiency, EBBINGHAUS-VERBUND can offer you all the necessary services from a single source.

Experience pays dividends

In the beginning there was a knife. Back in 1923, Ebbinghaus started their activities in the field of coating knives and scissors by dipping them in black japan. But after only a short time, the business was extended to include bicycle and motorbike frames using compressed air in spray booths. At the beginning of the nineteen-thirties, more product coatings were added such as pocket-knife handle covers with multicoloured paint coats and various household appliances. These paint finishes were hardly distinguishable from real mahagony and other natural woods. Today, Ebbinghaus is a synonym for perfect surface protection with a comprehensive range of services and tailor-made cooperation agreements.


Traditional values for the future

Today, EBBINGHAUS is rated one of the larger service providers in the field of surface protection on plastics and metal substrates throughout Germany. Emphasis is on customers in the European automotive industry and their respective subcontractors. A focal area of the business today is mass coating in black, which, in accordance with most specifications, is generally performed as functional coating. Additional specialist production areas are conveyor belt systems employing conventional wet-painting processes with and without robot support, and zinc thick-film phosphatising. The high degree of experience and quality available at Ebbinghaus puts us in a position to apply exactly the right surface protection process to virtually any product.

Response rather than reaction

We undertake to apply total commitment to developing the perfect protection for your metal surfaces. Economical and quality features of surface protection form the basis of our company’s philosophy. The key principles of JIT delivery, batch separation, single storage bays, experience in surface protection, the application of state-of-the-art technology and the consistent use of ergonomic and physiological aids have enabled us to turn the high quality levels typical for our company into accepted standards. Transparent and reproducible order processing and partner-like cooperation with our customers and suppliers guarantee timely and quality-aware attention to all your orders.


Only when all the relevant data have been compiled without any loss of information can real communication take place. We provide connections to a modern proprietary management system on our own platform which allows the integration of standard interfaces and communications systems. Frequently updated information is disseminated via the internet to ensure transparency and to define common standards. Our branch offices close to your company location ensure close cooperation and optimised flows of materials, they coordinate quantities and needs with a view to optimising costs. The production facilities are interlinked through the branch offices via the material and information flows. In this way, the solution provided is tailor-made to meet the requirements of the customer. Our interlinked services – your benefit.


It is only possible to meet the challenges of everyday life if you are physically and mentally fit. Only those companies that maintain state-of-the-art systems, continue to develop and know how to apply this performance effectively can hope to maintain a strong market presence.

  • Planning of paint application lines, workplace design incl. jig building and rack systems
  • Materials flow planning (for paint application lines and pick-and-place stations
  • Costing
  • Staff training at our facilities
  • Support in setting up paint application machinery
  • Support in commissioning paint application machinery
  • Support in installing necessary ancillary systems
  • Setting up required documentation
  • Provision of all management and administration services
  • Identification and use of synergy effects
  • Collation and compilation of data
  • Cooperation

Why not benefit from the decades of experience, our knowledge and know-how? We build and operate facilities to meet your requirements and ideas. We supply assistance in these fields: financial controlling, finance and accounting, logistics and quality assurance. . Our consortium also offers you a wide range of additional services since we cooperate as required with many companies in the fields of surface treatment technologies, electroplating and toll finishing. The potential range of services is multifaceted and diverse and offers you skilled contacts for all application queries.

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